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Navigational Guide & Tips to Telephone Banking

While our telephone banking system walks you through every step, we thought you might still want a cheat sheet. So for your convenience, we’ve put together this navigational guide along with some tips.

Universal Menu Options*

Main Menu    
Press 1-Account Balance 
Press 2-Account History 
Press 3-Funds Transfer
Funds Transfer Menu
Press 1 - Transfer Funds Immediately
Press 2 - Schedule Funds Transfer
Press 3 - Payments
Press 4 - Hear Existing Scheduled Transfers
Press 5 - Delete an Existing Transfer
Press 4-Share/Loan
Press 5-Account
Account Management Menu
Press 1 - Stop Payment Activities
Press 2 - Change Access Code
Press 3 - Future Dated Transactions

*Our Telephone Banking defaults to touch-tone/keypad commands. To choose “voice response”, press 2 at the start of your call when prompted.

Helpful Tips

  • The account balance option provides the current balance and the available balance (minus any holds).
  • Interrupt if you know the code you need. Press or say (if using voice response) the code at any time.
  • Use the star (*) key as the decimal point when entering dollar amounts.
    For example to enter $53.00, enter 53*00.
  • To end call, simply hang up.
  • To transfer money to another member account number, you must first complete the necessary paperwork to authorize these transactions. If you experience any troubles with transfers, please contact Member Service at 1.800.24.TELCO (1.800.248.3526) to make sure your transfer authorizations are set up.

Global Commands

Our telephone banking has some global commands that can be invoked from (mostly) anywhere within the system. Our Telephone Banking defaults to touch-tone/keypad commands. To choose “voice response”, press 1 to skip Spanish, then press 2. (To go directly to your account information, press 1 to skip Spanish option, then press 1 to skip message about voice recognition.)

Purpose Touch-Tone/Keypad Command Verbal Command
Go to Main Menu 3* Main Menu
Change currently authenticated member or switch to a different account number 9* Change Member, Change Account, Change Member I.D., Change Account Number, Change Account I.D., Change Member Number
Go to Customer Service 0 Agent, operator, customer service, customer service representative
Return to Previous Menu * Back, Go back
Repeat (unavailable within list where you are expected to select an option) # Repeat, Repeat that
Next item in list 1 Next
Previous item in list 2 Previous
Select (item from list) # Yes or No
First item in list 3 First
Last item in list 4 Last

Note: When inside a navigation list that requires you to select an option, the pound (#) key is used to select for touchtone/keypad. When not in a navigation list, the pound (#) key is used to repeat menu options.

For “how-to” information on popular telephone banking transactions, click here. If you have any questions about telephone banking, click here or call Member Service at 1.888.AVADIAN (1.888.282.3426).

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