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Centsible Savings™ Account

Our Centsible Savings Program is an easy, don’t-have-to-think-about-it savings program that saves you money as you shop. In fact, not only will you save money, but we will even match 25% of your savings for the first 30 days!

The best part about Centsible Savings is that it pays 5.00% APY on the balance in your account!*

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Here’s how it works:
To enroll, you must have a savings account, a checking account and a debit card with Avadian. Once you’re enrolled, each time you make a purchase with your Avadian debit card, we’ll round up the total to the nearest dollar amount, and at the end of each day, transfer the difference from your checking account to your Centsible Savings account. The best part…balancing your checkbook will be a breeze thanks to perfect-cent endings!

Here are some examples of how you can save:

Daily Debit Card Purchases

The Extra Change You Save When We Round Up

Amount You Should Deduct From Your Checking Account

$6.83 for lunch



$34.05 for gas



$91.44 for groceries



The daily “round up” amounts will be totaled and debited from your checking account as one transaction at the end of the day. Using the example above, the total savings transferred into your Centsible Savings Account for that day would be $1.68.

And if paying yourself every time you shop isn’t reason enough to enroll, we will even match your savings! We will match 25% of your total Centsible Savings amount for the first thirty days. (Your thirty days begins the first day you use your debit card after enrolling in the program.) After the first 30 days, we will match 5% of your total Centsible Savings amount.** You must be signed up for e-Statements to be eligible to receive a match.

Our Centsible Savings Account does not have minimum balance fees, earns dividends and allows you to withdraw money from it at any time.***

An automatic savings plan that earns dividends, offers a possible match and makes balancing your checkbook easy? That’s what we call Centsible Savings. Sign up today and start making cents!

*Minimum balance required to earn APY is $0.01. Centsible Savings dividends will be based on your average daily balance at the end of each quarter. Your dividends will be deposited into your account at the end of each quarter. Rate subject to change.

**Avadian’s match contribution will be credited to the Centsible Savings Account at the end of the calendar quarter based on the accumulated contribution for the calendar quarter or the balance in the account at the end of the calendar quarter, whichever is less. The maximum total match is $250 per year. To view our current Annual Percentage Yields (APYs), click here. Fees could reduce earnings.

***If you make a return or have a debit card transaction reversed, the “round up” amount will remain in your Centsible Savings Account. You may not make deposits or transfers into your Centsible Savings Account.

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