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Courtesy Pay 

Courtesy Pay is a discretionary service we offer to cover your overdrafts. With Courtesy Pay, most withdrawal transactions may be paid even when you do not have the money immediately available in your account. It serves as a safety net for emergencies and checkbook errors. It also provides a cushion against unforeseen expenses.

With Courtesy Pay, we will pay overdrafts for the following types of transactions:

  • Checks (if issued with the account)
  • ACH or recurring transactions made using your check account number, like health club dues, insurance premiums, etc.
  • Automatic bill payments
  • ATM transactions
  • Everyday one-time debit card transactions, such as debit card purchases made at retail or grocery stores

Please note: We will need your authorization to pay overdrafts for:

  • ATM transactions
  • Everyday one-time debit card transactions, such as debit card purchases made at retail or grocery stores

For us to cover these transactions, you must opt-in to Courtesy Pay. To opt-in, click here.

Courtesy Pay is designed to help you. There is no cost for the service unless it is used. With Courtesy Pay, we strive to pay and approve items whenever possible. We will generally pay overdrafts up to a discretionary limit that is determined by your account history and performance. There’s a small per item fee of $30 each time we pay an item through Courtesy Pay, but it’s a small price to pay for the embarrassment and extra hassles you could suffer if denied your purchase or transaction. With Courtesy Pay, you will have 30 days to deposit the necessary funds to your account to repay or to clear your negative balance.

Fees reduce the amount of Courtesy Pay limit. More than one overdraft fee may be charged against the account per day depending on the number of checks, point of sale transactions or withdrawals presented. Consumer transactions may be processed in any order. The Credit Union reserves the right to refuse any overdraft transaction.

To read scenarios of how Courtesy Pay works and the benefits of having it, click here.

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