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Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction

In today’s world, there is so much we have to keep track of and do throughout the day. Getting to Avadian to deposit your check doesn’t have to be one of them. While we enjoy seeing our members, we also have your best interest at heart. With that said, we encourage you to sign up for our two automatic deposit plans:

  • Direct Deposit - With Direct Deposit, your entire paycheck is automatically deposited into your Avadian account, eliminating an extra trip to see us at your local branch. Direct Deposit is the quick, FREE, safe and easy way to pay yourself first. You never have to worry about your check being lost or stolen. Plus, you can also have your Social Security check or other recurring checks automatically deposited to your Avadian account.* You can even have your income tax refund deposited into your Avadian account. Simply follow the instructions for “Refund” on your tax return to request direct deposit.
  • Payroll Deduction – Payroll Deduction works much like Direct Deposit, except instead of having your whole paycheck deposited, you are designating a specific portion to go directly into your savings account. That way, you are sure to pay yourself first every time! Think of that portion as your fund for emergencies, vacations or anything else that may unexpectedly arise. The best part is it’s an automatic process that’s quick, FREE, safe and easy.

Contact your employer to find out if either of these services is available to you, and go direct today! Start the sign-up process by printing and filling out a Payroll Allotment Authorization Form.

If you’re interested in moving your funds/accounts to Avadian, setting up automatic payment or direct deposit, please use our routing number and transit number: 2620 8752 8.

*To arrange direct deposit of your federal or other recurring check, contact the originator of that check.

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