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Your Hero in the Fight Against Fraud

Fraud. It can happen to anyone and anywhere. The reality is as technology gets more advanced and innovative, so do the hackers looking to steal your identity and account information. It's not a matter of just keeping your password to yourself nowadays. More measures need to be taken to protect your account information. Who you bank with can make all the difference in how fraud affects you.

We've been doing a great deal of work behind the scenes to keep your account safe. Learn what we're doing to prevent fraud from happening to you, how we handle it if it does happen, and what you can do to protect yourself.

We employ special software to monitor your account.
We use this highly intelligent surveillance program called PRISM. PRISM is a program that collects internet communications from at least nine major U.S. internet companies. Without sounding too technical, basically it pulls all the necessary information we need to understand your spending activity and what's "typical" for you, like deposit amounts, how often you make deposits, where you shop, frequency of withdrawals, etc. It also monitors signature-based credit card and debit card transactions. We then use this information to set up parameters around your account. If anyone goes outside those parameters, PRISM alerts us to unusual activity on your account. This software is so smart, it can even determine the miles and time it should take for you to make a purchase in two different locations. Meaning if a charge shows up for a transaction in New York, and you just made one in Alabama an hour ago, we will get an alert. This probably sounds a bit "big brother". It is, but in a good way. We are keeping an eye out for you and ready to act at the first sign of potential fraud.

We personally get to know you.
We don't just rely on fancy software to get to know you. We genuinely enjoy building relationships with our members. In the process, knowing you like we do, helps us detect any odd transactions. Sometimes simply going off an instinct or feeling can save the day. (Please note, we will never ask you for your username or password or to even reset it in an email, text or phone call.)

We review your checks.
If we notice checks are being deposited with high dollar amounts or out of sequence, we investigate them. In some situations, we even go as far as to compare the signatures.

We automatically shut down your card.
If we suspect your card or information has been compromised in any form or fashion, we shut down your card and reissue you a new one. Admittedly, this action doesn't always make our members happy. We get it. It's an inconvenience for your card to get cut off. However, when we go to this extreme, we have good reason. We are being proactive and saving you on bigger inconveniences down the road. As the old saying goes, better to be safe than sorry. We also shut down services you may have signed up for in the past but have not used in awhile, like our online Bill Pay. These features are always available for you to reactivate.

When you take a hit, we take a hit.
When fraud happens to our members, it happens to us as well. We comply with federal guidelines established to protect our members and re-credit fraudulent transactions to you when appropriate. Fraud impacts the credit union as a whole and all of our members, who are our shareholders. What better incentive to work harder to keep fraud from happening.

If you become a victim of fraud, we help you fight back.
If you become a victim of fraud, we work fast to shut down any further activity and work quickly in setting up a new account for you. We also have the ability to monitor your account on a daily basis. We can go as far as flagging transactions outside your normal parameters. We may also work closely with law enforcement to resolve the fraud as soon as possible.

We offer the tools you need to protect yourself.
We are happy to offer an identity theft protection program* you can purchase for as little as $1.95 a month. It offers more extensive monitoring of your accounts here and outside of Avadian. You can choose from three different levels of protection. It's easy to enroll and at such a minimal cost, a no-brainer to have on your side.

You can also set up your own text and email alerts for your account through mobile and online banking. These alerts are designed to let you know when important transactions occur, like your balance falls below a certain amount or a large withdrawal has been made.

What You Can Do
Take advantage of the tools we offer you. Contact us when going out of the country, on vacation, or traveling anywhere out of the norm for you. By letting us know your plans, it helps us determine if we need to flag your account for possible fraudulent activity and/or turn it off for your protection. And most importantly, stay informed. We provide a wealth of tips here on how you can protect yourself from fraud...things to look for when shopping online, opening suspicious emails, creating passwords, etc. We also share information on the different types of fraud out there (which continue to grow). Knowledge is power. The more you know, the better armed together WE will be in the fight against fraud.

*The Identity Theft Program is provided to the credit union's membership through the League of Southeastern Credit Unions and its subsidiaries.

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