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Benefits go a long way in not only getting new employees but keeping current ones. For some, it's the benefits over the actual pay that make a company more attractive. As a Select Employee Group (SEG) of Avadian, we try to "up" the value of your company's benefit package, by giving you automatic eligibility for membership at Avadian.

The perks. What do you get as an Avadian member?
Avadian is a full-service financial institution. Employees who join Avadian may take advantage of our wide range of services and products including checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, car loans and mortgages. Plus, since we are member-owned, you benefit from our growth by earning higher deposit rates, paying lower loan rates, and enjoying fewer to lower fees.

You will also have access to free online services, free investment consultation, free notary service, insurance discounts, and exclusive credit union member discounts for items you use every day through our Love My Credit Union rewards program.

Then there's your free account review. We will sit down with you and talk through your financial goals and struggles. We will help you find ways to save more and pay less. May not sound too exciting, but to us it's everything. We want to help improve your life with the kind of personal service you don't seem to find much anymore.

Get started. You're already eligible; the rest is up to you.
Start taking advantage of this company benefit. Visit your local branch or schedule a meeting to speak to a SEG Representative to join today. To learn more about what we can offer you, visit our main site.


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