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You know the old saying, "The only way to get credit is to have credit." However for those just starting out in the real world and those who have had some financial setbacks, establishing good, healthy credit is no easy task. We want to change that with our Visa Platinum Secured Credit Card.

We designed our Visa Platinum Secured Card to help those with no credit history (and who may not qualify for our unsecured credit cards or Student VISA) build their credit as well as help those with poor credit history rebuild their credit. With easy and convenient access to funds and a great, low interest rate, our Visa Platinum Secured Card teaches financial discipline while forming positive spending habits.

How it works:

  • Deposit an approved loan amount of $250-$5,000 into a savings account. The credit limit on your Visa Platinum Secured credit card will equal the amount of money in this savings account. We consider this deposit "collateral" and thus secures your card. Note this account does not allow you to make withdrawals. 

  • Shop with your Visa Platinum Secured Card wherever Visa is accepted. As with any credit card, your purchases will be billed to you each month, and you are responsible for making at least the minimum monthly payment by the due date. Payments are not deducted from your Secured Visa savings account. By using your card and then paying it off, you are establishing a history of on-time payments, which establishes you as a responsible borrower. You establish better credit and eventually could be eligible for an unsecured credit card.

  • The Visa Platinum Secured Card features a great low rate. Click here for the latest credit card rates.

  • The Secured Visa savings account does earn interest like your basic savings account. Click here for the latest savings rates.

  • The Visa Platinum Secured Card looks like all of our other Visa Platinum credit cards and has no additional fees. 

Take the first step toward gaining control of your finances.
Apply for our Visa Platinum Secured credit card today!

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