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Fee Schedule

Lower and fewer fees. That's our motto.

Below is a list of our most current fees. If you have any questions regarding a fee charged to your account, please call Member Services at 1.888.AVADIAN (1.888.282.3426).



Miscellaneous Account Fees

Account Research 

$20 per hour (60 minutes) — one hour minimum

Bad Address

$5 per month (60 days after returned mail)

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Revocation Request

$30 per item 

Choice and Choice Checking With Interest Change Fee

$10 per choice change

Christmas Club Early Withdrawal Fee

$10 per withdrawal from the 1st through 3rd calendar quarters

Coin Machine Fees

First $200 in coin deposits free in a calendar year. 10% fee for all coin deposits over $200 in a calendar year.

Dormant Accounts (Applies Only to Members 19 Years or Older)

$10 per month if no activity after two (2) years and balance is less than $100

Excessive Savings Account Withdrawal Fee

$2 per savings withdrawal after the 3rd monthly withdrawal

Inactive Checking Account

$5 per month after 6 months of inactivity and balance less than $100

Stop Payment Requests

$30 per request

Statement Copies

$5 per copy

Check Copies

$5 per check

Check Printing

Prices vary based upon style1

Legal Order Processing


Telephone Transfer by Staff

$1 per call that could have been handled by Online Banking, Mobile Banking, or Telephone Banking2

Service Center Savings Withdrawal

$2 per share withdrawal after the 2nd monthly withdrawal

Cashier's Checks

$3 per check

Checks by Phone

$7.95 per check

International Debit or Credit Card Usage on Purchases


Online Third-Party Loan Payment


Escheatment Fee


Mailed Statement Fee 

       $2.00 per month

ATM Transactions


$1 each if using another institution's ATM


$0.50 each if using another institution's ATM

Account Inquiries

$0.50 each if using another institution's ATM

Overdraft Solutions

Courtesy Pay Fee - Overdrawn Balance (-$0.01 to -$10.00)

No Fee

Courtesy Pay Fee - Overdrawn Balance Exceeds -$10.00

$30 per occurrence

Non-Sufficent Funds Fee

$30 per submission/resubmission

Transfer Fee - Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee from Share Account

$5 per day

Transfer Fee - Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee from Line of Credit


Deposit Items that are Returned

       $20 per item

Card Issuance/Replacement Fees

Card Replacement (Debit or Credit)

$7 per card

Savings ATM Card

$10 per card

Minimum Balance to Avoid Service Fee

Minimum Savings Balance Charge

$5 per month — Charged the end of each month if account balance falls belows $100 with no other services and no ACH EFT activity. For members 19 years of age and over. Fee is applied after account has been opened 90 days. 

Money Market

$10 each month if minimum daily balance is less than $2,500

Premium Money Market

$15 each month if the minimum daily balance is less than $10,000

Choice Checking With Interest

$7 each month that the minimum average $2,500 daily balance is not met


$9.95 each month regardless of balance

Safe Deposit Boxes3

Box Size

Annual Rent

3" x 5"


5" x 5"


3" x 10"


5" x 10"


10" x 10"


Wire Transfers


$15 per transfer 


$15 per transfer 

1The costs of checks vary depending on the quantity and style chosen. For additional information on the costs and availability of check styles, please contact Member Services.

2The Member Services fee will be waived for those members who have combined account balances (loans and deposits) under the same member number of $5,000 or more.

3The costs of Safe Deposit Boxes vary depending on the size chosen. For additional information on the costs and availability of safe deposit boxes, please contact one of our representatives.



The credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.
Additional insurance of up to $250,000 on your savings accounts is provided by Excess Share Insurance Corporation, a licensed insurance company.

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