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Courtesy Pay

How it works

You might be surprised how easy it is to find yourself in need of Courtesy Pay. It’s a useful service that can get you out of an awkward situation without embarrassment and with minimal cost.

It allows you to:

  • Avoid high fees from merchants for returned checks or payments
  • Manage your money with confidence
  • Enjoy peace of mind and security, knowing your transactions are covered
  • Cover a checkbook balancing mistake every once in a while
  • Cover ATM transactions if you don’t have enough funds in your account (authorization required)
  • Cover debit card purchases if you don’t have enough funds in your account (authorization required)

Below are examples of how Courtesy Pay works:

Scenario #1:

Mark has $250 in his checking account before payday. He goes to the store to buy groceries because his kids like to eat, especially his teenage son. He writes a check for $200, not realizing his wife just spent $100 on groceries. Now his account is in the negative by $50.

With Courtesy Pay: He only pays a $30 Courtesy Pay fee for Avadian to cover his check at the store. He is relieved his check doesn’t bounce, and his kids are happy because the pantry is full again (though with as much as their son eats these days, not for long). And, of course, Mark and his wife discuss ways to make sure they don’t overspend again.

Without Courtesy Pay: Mark’s check bounces. He is charged a returned item fee of $30 from the store along with an insufficient funds fee of $30 from Avadian. Now he has spent $60 in fees. Ouch. He’s embarrassed and awkward about going to the same store again and also ends up having an argument with his wife over the bounced check.

What is the lesson? Courtesy Pay protects you and is a valuable asset to your finances and your family!

Scenario #2:

Mark and his wife are both unknowingly making debit card purchases at the same time; Mark is at the sporting goods store making a purchase while his wife is shopping at her favorite discount store. Unfortunately, they don’t have enough money to cover both purchases.

With Courtesy Pay: We would cover debit card purchases made by both Mark and his wife, up to their discretionary limit, including Courtesy Pay fees.

Without Courtesy Pay: Either Mark and his wife will be turned down and denied at the checkout register. One of them will walk away frustrated.

What is the lesson? Opt-in to Courtesy Pay to cover your one-time debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals, saving you embarrassment at the register, unnecessary hassles, and a possible argument with your spouse.

Scenario #3:

Mark and his wife are out on their official date night. (With kids, they don’t get many of those anymore.) The evening is coming to an end and Mark realizes he doesn’t have any cash to pay the babysitter. He stops by the ATM to withdraw $40 and realizes his paycheck has not deposited yet.

With Courtesy Pay: Mark might still be able to access the cash he needs.

Without Courtesy Pay: Mark will be denied his ATM transaction and have to give the babysitter a “raincheck.” Not good.

What is the lesson? Opt-in to Courtesy Pay for the possibility of covering your ATM transactions, saving you embarrassment and the possibility of losing your favorite babysitter!


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