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Mobile Wallet

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Wallet FAQs

What is a mobile wallet?

  • A mobile wallet is a convenient way to carry credit and  debit card information in digital form on your mobile device (smart phone, tablet, watch).  Once cards are digitally stored and secured within the mobile device, users may use the mobile device for transactions (where accepted).

How secure is mobile wallet?

  • Mobile wallet transactions are more secure than using a plastic card.  Each transaction requires the user to authenticate with either Face ID, Touch ID, fingerprint, or a passcode.
  • Card details are never provided to the merchant, so the token can never be tied back to the cardholder or the cardholder's personal account information.
  • Cardholders are still covered by Visa's "Zero-Liability for Fraud" policy.

Avadian Mobile Wallet Partners:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay

How it works:

  • Once the card is loaded into the mobile device, a unique token is created.
  • When a mobile device is used for purchases, the merchant will send the token through the network and route the transaction to Avadian.

How to use:

  • Mobile Wallet transactions may be used in stores, within apps, or on the web.  For in-person transactions (e.g., in a store), look for one of the following mobile pay options on the card reader:
    Google pay, samsung pay, apple pay
  • Open the mobile wallet app and authenticate the transaction by using one of the possible authentication capabilities compatible with the mobile device:
    • facial recognition
    • resting your finger on the fingerprint ID scanner
    • entering the passcode used to secure the device 
  • Tap the phone to the card reader (Apple Pay/Google Pay/Samsung Pay) or hold the top of the phone a few centimeters beside the magnetic stripe reader.  When the transaction is complete, your mobile device will display "Done" and a checkmark will display on the device.

How to load card into mobile device:

Additional Information:

  • Because mobile wallet applications are owned and updated by third-party vendors (Apple, Samsung, Google) and because this technology is continually changing, please refer to the mobile device/manufacturer site for details on adding cards, performing transactions, installing software updates, removing cards, and finding locations that accept mobile transactions.
  • Avadian does not charge our members to perform transactions using Mobile Wallet.
  • There are multiple ways to activate a token once a card has been added into a mobile device:
    • Call 888-AVADIAN (1.888.282.3426)
    • Visit any of our convenient branch locations
    • Self-enroll and select to receive a one-time passcode sent to the phone number or email address on record
  • If your debit or credit card is reported as lost or stolen, the token connected to that card can no longer be used and should be manually deleted from the mobile device.
  • If your mobile device is lost or stolen, please contact Avadian ASAP to have the token(s) associated with that device deactivated to prevent any unauthorized use.  A new card does not have to be issued. Contact each financial institution to have any other cards digitally stored in your mobile device's wallet.
  • If you get a new Avadian card (due to fraud/expiration/damage), you will need to have these tokens deactivated. At any time there are updated card details, the old tokens should be deactivated by Card Services and the new card must be added to the mobile wallet.










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