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Fewer fees. Lower interest rates on loans. Higher interest rates on deposits. And why "owning" your financial institution is better for your business.

When you are investing every ounce of passion and effort into making your business work, talking about checking accounts and merchant services ranks about as high on your priority list as getting a voluntary root canal. We get that.

But where you choose to do your banking can make a difference in the success of your business.

Avadian has all of the tools and resources you need to manage your money, to improve your cash flow and to help you make the most of your business. All while saving you money through lower interest rates and fewer/lower fees.

Avadian is a not-for-profit credit union, meaning when you move your business banking services to Avadian, you actually own your financial institution.

At Avadian, you'll find fewer fees. You'll find significantly lower rates on loans. You will find people more interested in serving you; you will find people interested in helping you make your business work because they believe in the power of small businesses. Because we're not hung up on our own profits, we can put more attention into helping you increase your own.

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