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Small businesses are the best of what makes America great. We believe the courage, determination and grit it takes to make a small business work are the very stuff of which America was built.

We believe

  • That small businesses with gross revenue between $1 million and $5 million are completely underserved by the banking establishment;
  • That spending less on your banking services means you can take home more from your business;
  • That when given the right resources and expertise, small business owners will find an infinite number of ways to succeed;
  • That getting a new job is one of the greatest feelings possible. That to be given a key to the business is to become part of something larger than yourself;
  • That America will rise above these economic times the same way we always have - through hard work and determination;
  • That strong small businesses are the key to solving America's jobs problem;
  • That banking with a credit union saves your business money on everything from fees to loan rates;
  • That we create stronger small businesses when we give entrepreneurs the resources and expertise they need to grow;
  • That managing your finances through an institution you own is better than paying a bank with which you have no real relationship;
  • That your bank should be looking for better ways to serve you rather than new fees to charge you.

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